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LeQing Tea grow tea in Taiwan and harvest tea,and we make tea in our own tea factory.

LeQing Tea is an global vendor specializing in fine Taiwan oolong tea.


Le Qing Tea is an innovative brand in Taiwan. Over the years won the first prize of Taiwan alpine tea king, Taiwan alpine tea king gold medal, Taiwan alpine tea king silver medal, the national leaflet black tea first prize, Taoyuan Lala mountain spring mountain tea competition silver medal, bronze medal … and so on.Le Qing Tea efforts to bring Taiwan’s good tea into everyone’s life. Focus on tea plantation management, tea making technology, baking technology, research on package preservation and marketing. And pay attention to the needs of different tea consumption groups. LeQing tea based in Taiwan, cultivating Chinese tea market, with the best quality management.Offering top-class Oolong tea, Shanlinsi Oolong Tea, Alishan tea, Lishan tea, Premium Dayuling Oolong Tea, Taiwanese black tea … etc., and offering innovative traditional packaging, tea bags, triangular tea bags, Pack … And so on packaging, as well as high-quality gift series.


Tea Factory

Located in GaoFon Mountain, Renai Township, Nantou, it specializes in the local high-altitude tea factory, with novel equipment, a fixed professional tea picking team, and the professional tea masters.</p> <p>The tea produced by Chi-en Tea Factory has passed the inspection of pesticide residues and has a production history. It has passed the test of Taiwan tea and has no residue.</p> <p>Hehuan Mountain is one of the main alpine tea production areas in Taiwan. LeQing Chi-en Tea Factory provides tea wholesale, tea gift box monopoly, etc., and the tea factory directly operates, including: Lishan Tea, Alishan Tea, Datun Ridge Tea, cedar creek tea, frozen top oolong tea. The quality of the tea we produce is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and the quality is strictly checked, so that tea lovers can enjoy peace of mind.

oolong tea from Taiwan

Taiwan’s unique terrain and climate allow tea to be subjected to changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter on high-altitude mountains, resulting in exceptional thickness and quality.</p> <p>Our tea picking team has been invited to the national tea factory Wuling Farm for many times, serving in the highest altitude Huagang tea area, and the skilled tea picking process has been affirmed.</p> <p>We used the Air camera to record the tea garden work and the tea area scenery many times. We participated in the tea competition of the well-known tea area farmers’ association in Taiwan. We have won many honors including Taiwan High Mountain Tea King Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, National Leaflet Black Tea. First prize, Lala Mountain Oolong Tea Silver, Bronze… and so on.</p> <p>As the seasons change, the tea factory works smoothly, in addition to the harvesting and tea making of its own tea garden tea area, and properly manage the quality and capacity of the tea garden. And continue to expand the automation packaging capacity, to ensure product quality and customer partners’ supply, while introducing high-precision printing machines and laser cutting equipment, to improve the packaging capacity and customer resources.

The Beauty Of Taiwan Oolong Tea

LeQing Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been certified by the notary auditing organization and obtained ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and other certifications, including quality management, food safety and hygiene, and food safety quality assurance. It is the most reliable partner of tea lovers.


Tea cultivation

Our tea gardens are distributed in the peak mountain of the Hehuan Mountain, with an altitude of 1500-2000 meters. The working area of the tea picking team includes the Hehuan Mountain of Renai Township: Datong Mountain, Dongyan Mountain, Tunxi, Xidi, Gaofeng, Lushan, Suiyuan, Qilai Mountain, Cuifeng Tea Area, and Shijie, Taihe, and Alishan of Chiayi. Banyan Lake…etc., with other high-altitude tea areas.

Automatic packaging

The problem of tea taste has been disturbed by many people who drink tea. How to let tea enter the public life, we must first solve the problem of tea taste. In order to completely solve the problems faced by traditional tea, we set up an automated packaging production line to produce traditionally packaged tea, a small bag of tea, a three-dimensional tea bag, and a flat tea bag. The original taste of Taiwanese high-altitude tea is completely sealed and is suitable for people from all walks of life to carry.




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